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Giorgos Keramidas keramida at ceid.upatras.gr
Sun Nov 25 16:26:11 PST 2007

On 2007-11-25 17:59, "eBoundHost: Artur" <artur at eboundhost.com> wrote:
> yea that's a great answer.  thanks for your insight.  this is not some
> technical question that can be researched, this in fact tarnishes the
> image of the freebsd community, so it's not such an easy "go rtfm"
> type of deal.

The commit logs of the entire FreeBSD source tree are openly visible to
everyone.  A couple of minutes with Google Groups would be enough to
locate this thread:


This is the sort of "research" that I wanted to point you at.

> problem is that i just came accross it myself and obviously nothing
> has been done about it in the past.

The fact that you didn't notice the old commit logs, does not mean that
``nothing has been done about this issue in the past''.  Please stop
spreading FUD about FreeBSD, because implying that we don't care as a
team about these things suggests to readers of freebsd-questions things
which are untrue.

There are intriguing but nevertheless interesting observations in the
thread mentioned above.  Please take the time to let some of them sink
in before you spread more FUD.

> so i would like to ask of people, is there no better way to get the
> point accross?  do you have to have this wording?  is it set in stone
> and can't be changed?  I insist strongly that we should rework this
> example, and if anyone insists strongly on not doing it, I would like
> to understand what motive can be possibly behind this other than
> something very deeply evil.

If you are not bothered by the fact that the fortune cookie database
contains Hitler quotes, but you merely want to ammend the text of the
web site, then you are more than welcome to post patches to the
freebsd-www list.  That's where most of the work on the website is
discussed, and reviewed.

- Giorgos

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