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Jeff Mohler speedtoys.racing at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 16:27:02 PST 2007

I'll take up the challenge.  Hitler was evil.  Quoting Hitler is not.

> When we seek to suppress information, no matter how troubling, we obscure
> the very lessons of history we need most to learn.  If, because Hitler was
> evil, we do not allow discussion of him, how will future generations learn
> of his evil?  As we argue this very point, there are people in the world
> insisting that the holocaust never happened, that Hitler did not commit
> the evil deeds that history has recorded he *did* commit.  If we refuse to
> speak of him, those who insist he wasn't evil will win the argument by
> default.
I believe that myself..evil people can still be brilliant, and can in
retrospect, teach us a lot about ourselves as a human race.

Were all animals, capable of horrible or fantastic things.  What we do with
that knowledge and power is the real problem.

What genre of quoteable will we be debating next?  MANY people worldwide
hate/despise many things.  If we begin here, where does it end?

Will we be discussing a kernel level "hitler" filter next?

C'mon, I believe that most reasonable people can separate the actions of
someone from their words from a historically relevant point of view.

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