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eBoundHost: Artur artur at eboundhost.com
Sun Nov 25 17:42:58 PST 2007

> If you are not bothered by the fact that the fortune cookie database
> contains Hitler quotes, but you merely want to ammend the text of the
> web site, then you are more than welcome to post patches to the
> freebsd-www list.  That's where most of the work on the website is
> discussed, and reviewed.
> - Giorgos

I'm not going to reply to your personal attack but will only say that you 
are definitely much smarter, more web savy and better looking than me.

As far as the rest of your comment, yes, I am only interested in removing 
the reference to hitler from the front page of that topic that's all.  And 
unfortunately I do not know how to post patches to the freebsd-www list so 
if you would be so kind as to send me an email with a pointer, I would 
sincerely appreciate it.

Best Regards,


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