still fumbling around with poor network speed

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Sat Nov 24 08:34:16 PST 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007 15:57:21 Jonathan Horne wrote:
> ive been chasing this problem around for about a week now.  ive got a
> 7.0 betaX box that started out as a beta 1.5.  no problems with
> anything.
> then, i upgraded it (via cvs) to 2.0, and i instantly noticed a
> problem with serving the /usr volume via NFS to my laptop.  moving my
> workstation to 3.0 didnt help either.  the 7.0beta box showed outbound
> traffic about 200k.  exact same behavior today, accessing it via SMB
> from an OSX mac.
> strange thing is, when i use scp to transfer large files, they go at
> almost 200mbit.  as far as i know, scp uses TCP only.  but NFS and
> SMB, do they not use UDP?  and if so, what can i do to try to
> troubleshoot how poorly UDP packets are working?
> ive tried changing the cable, changing the switch port, and its the
> same thing each time.  i have one other 7.0 server, thats not
> experiencing this either (but it also has a different ethernet card.
> as i type this, im wondering if this could be related to the bge
> driver?  i know many people have complained about bge in the past, and
> i never seemed to have noticed anything wrong with mine... but could
> that have changed for me as time passes and sourcecode evolves?
> if anyone can help shed light on this, id really appreciate it.

*sigh* i just finished reinstalling 6.2-RELEASE, and now the speed is back 
where it should be.  just downloaded a 600mb .iso file via NFS from FreeBSD 
to a mac, and it was flying.

so i guess it must be the bge driver.  anyone else having trouble with the bge 
driver, and NFS or SMB in 7.0?
Jonathan Horne
jhorne at

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