Tunning Mysql

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Fri Nov 23 14:15:31 PST 2007

Hi all

I've some question about MySQL on FreeBSD 6.x.

I've running MySQL 5.x on FreeBSD 6.x on a dual Xeon 3.2Ghz (mono-core)
with 2 SAS 10000 rpm. And the perf is very...poor (x10 vs Linux)
and it's nothing about thread because the performance is poor for a single 
select in mysql. 

I known you want to say when 7.0 come out everything go fine hummm....

Well, event it's true I cannont make the migration so fast. 

What's I want to known is how can tunning my FreeBSD and my Mysql for
increase the performance. What's option I need to choose on mysql
compilation. etc....

I forget to say the Mysql run into a jail but I think this don't have any


Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris Meudon
SIO batiment 15
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Ven 23 nov 2007 23:09:02 CET

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