still fumbling around with poor network speed

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Fri Nov 23 13:57:35 PST 2007

ive been chasing this problem around for about a week now.  ive got a  
7.0 betaX box that started out as a beta 1.5.  no problems with  

then, i upgraded it (via cvs) to 2.0, and i instantly noticed a  
problem with serving the /usr volume via NFS to my laptop.  moving my  
workstation to 3.0 didnt help either.  the 7.0beta box showed outbound  
traffic about 200k.  exact same behavior today, accessing it via SMB  
from an OSX mac.

strange thing is, when i use scp to transfer large files, they go at  
almost 200mbit.  as far as i know, scp uses TCP only.  but NFS and  
SMB, do they not use UDP?  and if so, what can i do to try to  
troubleshoot how poorly UDP packets are working?

ive tried changing the cable, changing the switch port, and its the  
same thing each time.  i have one other 7.0 server, thats not  
experiencing this either (but it also has a different ethernet card.

as i type this, im wondering if this could be related to the bge  
driver?  i know many people have complained about bge in the past, and  
i never seemed to have noticed anything wrong with mine... but could  
that have changed for me as time passes and sourcecode evolves?

if anyone can help shed light on this, id really appreciate it.
Jonathan Horne
freebsd at

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