Problems Installing FreeBSD 6.2 - No floppy devices found!

Josh Paetzel josh at
Wed Nov 21 00:26:00 PST 2007

On Tuesday 20 November 2007 07:32:36 pm Cameron Stuart wrote:
> Hardware: Maxtron AMD opteron with 3ware 4 port PCI express SATA II
> raid 5
> Problem Description:
> The 3ware driver must be loaded into the kernel using KLD, but the
> floppy device cannot be found
> However, the drive exists, and is configured correctly in the BIOS
> (IE, the system can boot from the floppy)
> Attempted Solutions:
> 1) Tried booting using APCI disabled
> 2) Tried set hint.fdc.0.flags="1" and the boot shell before continuing
> into the sysinstall
> 3) Tried enabling & disabling the floppy device in the BIOS
> Any suggestions or solutions you may have would be greatly appreciated
> Cheers,
> Cam

Which 3ware card do you have?  I made 6.2 iso with working 96xx drivers on 
them so you can do a regular old install off the cd.  I can give you a 
download link if you'd like, just need to know if you want amd64 or i386.


Josh Paetzel

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