Problems Installing FreeBSD 6.2 - No floppy devices found!

Cameron Stuart cstuart at
Tue Nov 20 18:00:45 PST 2007

Hardware: Maxtron AMD opteron with 3ware 4 port PCI express SATA II  
raid 5

Problem Description:
The 3ware driver must be loaded into the kernel using KLD, but the  
floppy device cannot be found
However, the drive exists, and is configured correctly in the BIOS  
(IE, the system can boot from the floppy)

Attempted Solutions:
1) Tried booting using APCI disabled
2) Tried set hint.fdc.0.flags="1" and the boot shell before continuing  
into the sysinstall
3) Tried enabling & disabling the floppy device in the BIOS

Any suggestions or solutions you may have would be greatly appreciated


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