cups & openoffice...bad mojo?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Nov 20 08:53:32 PST 2007

Doug Poland writes:

>  >> I believe you need to specify the WITH_CUPS tunable when you build OO
>  >>
>   > Does everyone just know that, or does no one use cups on freebsd?
>   >
>  I use both CUPS and OO on FreeBSD, that's how I know :)   I probably 
>  stumbled across this googling and searching the email archives.

	I also use both CUPS and OOo; in fact, I just got through
rebuilding OOo-
	If you build from ports, and watch the early stages of the
process, you'll see a number of options mentioned.
	If you use portupgrade, you can set them in
/usr/local/etc/pkgtools.cfg.  Note: this will _only_ work when using
	It is also possible to put these settings in /etc/make.conf.
However, there are reasons to not do so; see discussions on either
questions@ or ports@ within the last month for further discussion.

				Robert Huff

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