cups & openoffice...bad mojo?

Doug Poland doug at
Tue Nov 20 08:42:07 PST 2007

Steve Franks wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2007 8:15 AM, Doug Poland <doug at> wrote:
>> Steve Franks wrote:
>>> Save me!  The wife can't print, so I've been spooled to the couch!
>>> Originally installed OO around 2.0.  Wouldn't print.  Finally found
>>> some esoteric blog somewhere that said link /usr/local/bin/lpd to
>>> /usr/local/sbin/lpd - voila! prints.
>>> When I upgraded X to 7.3, OO got upgraded to 2.3, and it stopped
>>> printing again.  Now the magical ln lpd command won't fix it either.
>>> FYI, cups-base is 1.1.3
>> I believe you need to specify the WITH_CUPS tunable when you build OO
 > Does everyone just know that, or does no one use cups on freebsd?
I use both CUPS and OO on FreeBSD, that's how I know :)   I probably 
stumbled across this googling and searching the email archives.


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