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Wed Nov 7 10:57:42 PST 2007

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 06:36:03PM +0000, Ashley Moran wrote:

> On Nov 07, 2007, at 5:59 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> >If you compare for example the daemon on the CD cover of
> >the version 1.1 release, pictured here:
> >
> >
> >
> >Note the fine shading and variation on the shadow part of the
> >daemon.  Now, compare that to the later renditions on the "powered by"
> >logos here:
> >
> >
> >
> >Notice how the fine shading is gone and replaced with a single
> >uniform black.
> >
> >Whoever built the daemon image for the Powered By logos must
> >have spent hours and hours and hours on getting the shading to
> >look acceptable on the much smaller Powered By image.  It works
> >because the daemon image is not a simple shape image, it's outline
> >is complex.  The same trick would not work for the red ball, it
> >would just end up looking like a red moon being eclipsed.
> Now I've compared them I see your point.
> >The primary reason the new logo was dreamed up was due to
> >complaints by one of the core members that whenever they did
> >a presentation about FreeBSD people would waste a huge amount
> >of time getting through the "yer logo looks like Satan" stage
> >before he could actually talk about the operating system itself.
> >They wanted a "kewel" looking logo that could be plastered on
> >large posters, CD cases, book covers, and such marketing materials
> >without ignorant people thinking it was some kind of devil worship
> >cult at the trade shows.  They wern't at all concerned with
> >a logo that would look good on a "powered by" entry on a
> >webpage.
> I didn't follow the debate first time round but I remember hearing  
> something along these lines (also that the new one looks like a sex  
> toy, I must be too innocent to understand that one...).  I didn't  
> really see the point of changing the logo, possibly because I never  
> realised that there were so many ignorant people at presentations like  
> you describe.  There are plenty of ignorant people around, I just  
> didn't know so many ended up looking at FreeBSD.

It was kind of silly and unfortunately didn't end up with what
was originally given as one of the main motivations.   The main
things were to be unique - all the BSD-s use BSDie in one way or
another, to be distinctive, to be a more usable graphic.  The avoid
the devil issue was studiously avoided as an official motivation.

Anyway, as you notice, the more usable graphic failed.  It is sort
of unique, but I wouldn't really call it distinctive.  It doesn't
do much to represent FreeBSD, but then, take a look at other 'modern'
logos around - even ones companies spend millions on.  They generally
do not represent their companies in any meaningful way either.  At
least BSDie represented somewhat the philosiphy of UNIX - a collection
of processes taking care of business for you.

(It is hard to admit, but) I generally agreed with Ted in this whole
thing - at least on how the new logo thing missed its mark rather
widely.   But, it is really a small thing.  The OS still works and
mostly better than anything else out there.   So, I still put BSDie
stickers on things and don't worry about it.

> I assumed, though, that the new logo was designed to replace the old  
> one.  I've got nothing against Beastie, I just figured that if the  
> FreeBSD team wanted to be identified by the red horned globe that I  
> should be using that in its/his place.

Not so much to replace as to supplant BSDie, I think.

> I have in any case gone with one of the Powered By logos.

Yup.  Me too.


> >>While I'm on the subject, can anyone open the SVG version?
> >
> >URL please?
> (under vector formats)
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