New FreeBSD art?

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Wed Nov 7 10:36:31 PST 2007

On Nov 07, 2007, at 5:59 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> You probably won't find any.  One of the (many) problems with the
> new logo is the large color variation.  This makes it look
> "real kewel" when it's displayed on the cover of a CD case,
> or a poster or a book.  But shrinking it down would remove all
> of that and you would end up with essentially a red splotch.
> If you compare for example the daemon on the CD cover of
> the version 1.1 release, pictured here:
> Note the fine shading and variation on the shadow part of the
> daemon.  Now, compare that to the later renditions on the "powered by"
> logos here:
> Notice how the fine shading is gone and replaced with a single
> uniform black.
> Whoever built the daemon image for the Powered By logos must
> have spent hours and hours and hours on getting the shading to
> look acceptable on the much smaller Powered By image.  It works
> because the daemon image is not a simple shape image, it's outline
> is complex.  The same trick would not work for the red ball, it
> would just end up looking like a red moon being eclipsed.

Now I've compared them I see your point.

> The primary reason the new logo was dreamed up was due to
> complaints by one of the core members that whenever they did
> a presentation about FreeBSD people would waste a huge amount
> of time getting through the "yer logo looks like Satan" stage
> before he could actually talk about the operating system itself.
> They wanted a "kewel" looking logo that could be plastered on
> large posters, CD cases, book covers, and such marketing materials
> without ignorant people thinking it was some kind of devil worship
> cult at the trade shows.  They wern't at all concerned with
> a logo that would look good on a "powered by" entry on a
> webpage.

I didn't follow the debate first time round but I remember hearing  
something along these lines (also that the new one looks like a sex  
toy, I must be too innocent to understand that one...).  I didn't  
really see the point of changing the logo, possibly because I never  
realised that there were so many ignorant people at presentations like  
you describe.  There are plenty of ignorant people around, I just  
didn't know so many ended up looking at FreeBSD.

I assumed, though, that the new logo was designed to replace the old  
one.  I've got nothing against Beastie, I just figured that if the  
FreeBSD team wanted to be identified by the red horned globe that I  
should be using that in its/his place.

I have in any case gone with one of the Powered By logos.

>> While I'm on the subject, can anyone open the SVG version?
> URL please? (under vector formats)


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