New FreeBSD art?

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Tue Nov 6 21:59:06 PST 2007

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> On Nov 02, 2007, at 2:05 pm, James wrote:
> > 1. Write to    trademark at asking permission to  
> > use
> > a trademarked image
> > 2. Include a trademark sign on your site
> > 3. Include a line that says something like "Trademark of the FreeBSD
> > foundation"
> > 4. Don't cut up the image and reproduce it in some other image   
> > without
> > permission
> >
> >
> > That's about it. The rest is mostly lawyer-ese
> I was just hoping to find a new version of the "Powered by FreeBSD"  
> logos to use as an image link back to the FreeBSD page.  Those can be  
> used on sites served by FreeBSD, without requesting permission.  I  
> mean, I want to *advertise* the project, it seems silly that I have to  
> ask permission and display trademark notices.  I could still use one  
> of the old ones, I just wondered if there were any available using the  
> new logo.

You probably won't find any.  One of the (many) problems with the
new logo is the large color variation.  This makes it look
"real kewel" when it's displayed on the cover of a CD case,
or a poster or a book.  But shrinking it down would remove all
of that and you would end up with essentially a red splotch.

If you compare for example the daemon on the CD cover of
the version 1.1 release, pictured here:

Note the fine shading and variation on the shadow part of the
daemon.  Now, compare that to the later renditions on the "powered by"
logos here:

Notice how the fine shading is gone and replaced with a single
uniform black.

Whoever built the daemon image for the Powered By logos must
have spent hours and hours and hours on getting the shading to
look acceptable on the much smaller Powered By image.  It works
because the daemon image is not a simple shape image, it's outline
is complex.  The same trick would not work for the red ball, it
would just end up looking like a red moon being eclipsed.

The primary reason the new logo was dreamed up was due to
complaints by one of the core members that whenever they did
a presentation about FreeBSD people would waste a huge amount
of time getting through the "yer logo looks like Satan" stage
before he could actually talk about the operating system itself.
They wanted a "kewel" looking logo that could be plastered on
large posters, CD cases, book covers, and such marketing materials
without ignorant people thinking it was some kind of devil worship
cult at the trade shows.  They wern't at all concerned with
a logo that would look good on a "powered by" entry on a

> While I'm on the subject, can anyone open the SVG version? 

URL please?


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