New FreeBSD art?

Ashley Moran work at
Wed Nov 7 11:14:32 PST 2007

On Nov 07, 2007, at 6:54 pm, Jerry McAllister wrote:

> (It is hard to admit, but) I generally agreed with Ted in this whole
> thing - at least on how the new logo thing missed its mark rather
> widely.   But, it is really a small thing.  The OS still works and
> mostly better than anything else out there.

Well that's the main thing I guess.  I have yet to find a free OS I  
would rather have running on my servers, whatever it looks like.

> So, I still put BSDie
> stickers on things and don't worry about it.

Is that what it's called?  I've always called it Beastie.  I can't  
even tell you why.

> Not so much to replace as to supplant BSDie, I think.

Anyone would think there was some sort of insurrection behind all this!

> Yup.  Me too.

Ok I'm glad we settled this one :)


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