How Write To Win Drive?

Stan Cooper soupercooper at
Wed Mar 28 07:31:36 UTC 2007

Roland Smith <rsmith at> wrote:Try /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-ntfs instead. It's newer and is supposed
to support writing. 

Hmm. Well, there's no such port in FBSD. There is such a port, however, available from Absolute FBSD. So I d/l'd it and all the "required to build" products. I checked to see if libtool15 was built on my system. It was, so I didn't bother with that. I built out fusefs-libs, then fusefs-kmod, all successfully. However, when I tried to compile fusefs-ntfs, I got an error and was referred to the d/l page < > for information...which only seems to tell me I need to build the other products (which I just built) first. Perhaps this doesn't work on FBSD?

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