How Write To Win Drive?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Tue Mar 27 23:14:43 UTC 2007

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 12:43:43PM -0700, Stan Cooper wrote:
> Eric writes:
> > what kind of file system? fat or NTFS? I dont think you can write to 
> > NTFS drives from BSD can you, at least not without a port?
> > 
> > see if this port helps:
> > 
> > ntfsprogs

Try /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-ntfs instead. It's newer and is supposed
to support writing. 

> Yes, Eric, you're right, it is an NTFS drive. Didn't know there was
> any other kind ;)

There's FAT32, which is well-known and supported, but wastes space on
larger drives.

> Roland writes: 
> > How is the drive mounted? If you type "mount" does it show the drive to
> > be mounted read-only?
> I unmounted, typed "mount /win" and it just gave me a prompt. But the
> command I really need to use, if I understand correctly, is
> "mount_ntfs /dev/ad0s1 /win".

What I meant was; if the drive is mounted and you type 'mount' at the
command prompt, you get a list of all mounts. If they are read-only, it
says so there.

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