moving binary port as installed from one system to another ( amd64)

Steve Franks stevefranks at
Thu Mar 15 00:21:53 UTC 2007

No idea why there isn't an openoffice pkg yet for 6.2/amd64, but some
of us are running that on laptops, not servers, and we like to do
things like edit documents.

Broke down and built the port, which took about 24 hours (after I
found & installed all dependent packages [built dependencies for a
couple days before that]), but it went well and functions.  I'd really
like to skip doing that on my other system, however.

So, is there a standard description of what files, folders, etc, make
up a package, other than the makefile, such that I can copy openoffice
to my other machine(s)?

For that matter, is there a standardized way to build a pkg from a
port, or is that entirely up to the port maintainer?

See where I'm headed?  Or am I hopelessly naive?


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