moving binary port as installed from one system to another ( amd64)

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Thu Mar 15 00:51:01 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 March 2007 16:21, Steve Franks said:
> No idea why there isn't an openoffice pkg yet for 6.2/amd64, but
> some of us are running that on laptops, not servers, and we like to
> do things like edit documents.
> Broke down and built the port, which took about 24 hours (after I
> found & installed all dependent packages [built dependencies for a
> couple days before that]), but it went well and functions.  I'd
> really like to skip doing that on my other system, however.
> So, is there a standard description of what files, folders, etc,
> make up a package, other than the makefile, such that I can copy
> openoffice to my other machine(s)?
> For that matter, is there a standardized way to build a pkg from a
> port, or is that entirely up to the port maintainer?
> See where I'm headed?  Or am I hopelessly naive?
> Steve

You can use 'make package' from the port directory you want to 
package. That will build a package from the port with the options you 
selected and put it in /usr/ports/packages/All/your_package.tgz. You 
can then copy and install it on another machine with 'pkg_add'.


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