Ipod Nano doesn't connect

Tobias Roth freebsd.lists at fsck.ch
Thu Mar 15 00:28:47 UTC 2007

Tobias Roth wrote:
> Hi
> I tried connecting my Ipod Nano 8GB via USB to my -STABLE box. No umass
> or ugen device shows up, nothing happens when I connect it. All the USB
> stuff is in the kernel, other usb mass devices (cameras, usb sticks)
> work like a charm. I tried with GENERIC as well, nothing. Is there a
> trick, some setting on the Ipod maybe, to make it act like a disk drive?

I figured it out after I connected the Ipod to a windows system, where
it previously had worked. The same nothingness. So it had to be the
Ipod, not FreeBSD.
A reset on the Ipod solved the problem. The reset is done by
simultaneously pressing the menu and the select (the middle) button and
holding them for a few seconds. The same technique also saved me when
the Ipod hung completely one time.


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