my arquitecture is...

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Jul 20 06:57:35 UTC 2007

Sergio Andrés Ligregni Arredondo wrote:
> I have a COMPAQ Presario (laptop) V2615LA with an AMD Sempron 1.83Ghz, 40 GB HD, 256 MB RAM, I have the i386 arquitecture CD-ROM, I tried to install it, I see the FreeBSD boot menu (the one in console mode, with FreeBSD "drown" in white), I choose 1 (default), and in the init scripts, it stuck in a line that says:
> Timecounter tick every 1.000 msec
> and the CD light turn off (the CD-ROM drive isn't reading anything) and the HD led stays on (like there is something reading the disk, and I press ENTER, ESC, I waited once almost two hours, but nothing)
> I also tried the same CD-ROM in a PC (desktop) with Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz, 80 HD, 256 RAM and it runs perfectly (so the CD is ok), but I am out almost always so I need to have FreeBSD in my notebook.
> I installed throught my PC FreeBSD in an external HD (it connects via USB), I plugged in my notebook, boot from external HD and its the same as the CD-ROM, it stucks in "Timecounter tick every 1.000 msec", but the external HD runs perfectly in the Desktop
> I saw the README file in the CD and it says:
> FreeBSD supports COMPAQ/HP Alpha (alpha), Intel AMD (i386)...
> so I tried downloading the alpha arquitecture ISO (because I have a COMPAQ), but when I boot from CD it happens anything (well, like it tries to read something but it doesn't appears anything) and it go right to Windows.
> is there another arquitecture I should try? (like amd64 (but my CPU is not 64))
> should I go to loader prompt and make some commands?
> is freeBSD not avaiable for some notebooks (because the drivers, or the brand)?
> should I format all the HD and install FreeBSD in the hole disk?
> Thank you and sorry my English, I'm from Mexico

    It's i386. Try running in safe mode or turn ACPI support off from 
the boot loader. Also, do some searching to see if anyone else has 
gotten FreeBSD to work on that laptop, and what steps they took to 
accomplish that.

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