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> I have a COMPAQ Presario (laptop) V2615LA with an AMD Sempron 1.83Ghz, 40 GB HD, 256 MB RAM, I have the i386 arquitecture CD-ROM, I tried to install it, I see the FreeBSD boot menu (the one in console mode, with FreeBSD "drown" in white), I choose 1 (default), and in the init scripts, it stuck in a line that says:

You dont say what version of FreeBSD is the CD....

i386 is the platform you need.


> I saw the README file in the CD and it says:
> FreeBSD supports COMPAQ/HP Alpha (alpha), Intel AMD (i386)...
> so I tried downloading the alpha arquitecture ISO (because I have a COMPAQ), but when I boot from CD it happens anything (well, like it tries to read something but it doesn't appears anything) and it go right to Windows.

just because Compaq bought Alpha years ago doesn't make Compaq-made hardware of the alpha architecture. As a matter of fact, (unless I'm very mistaken) Compaq drove the last few nails in Alpha's coffin, which was a pity.

> is there another arquitecture I should try? (like amd64 (but my CPU is not 64))
> should I go to loader prompt and make some commands?
> is freeBSD not avaiable for some notebooks (because the drivers, or the brand)?
> should I format all the HD and install FreeBSD in the hole disk?

you shouldn't have to do this.

> Thank you and sorry my English, I'm from Mexico

Tu ingles esta muy bien, sergio, no te preocupes ;)

You may want to ask in freebsd-mobile at , which is a list solely for laptop  related issues.

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