www/linux-flashplayer7 - now works with SOUND on youtube

Jamie Jones jamie at bishopston.net
Fri Jul 13 16:00:03 UTC 2007

> That's not true :) 
>   http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2007-June/150745.html
> (YouTube is explicitly mentioned.) Please follow this mini how-to
> carefully. YouTube works, actually I still can't find any flash<=7 site
> that doesn't work. "YouTube works" _of_course_ means that sound works
> too.

Eeek! I missed that! Sorry - I read it again too, and still manages to miss it!

> I've been using YouTube >4 months now. Nothing changed in meantime.
> Please report if this works for you. We can surely help you to get
> flash7/nativebrowsers working if you experience problems.

Oh well, as I said, it now works for me anyway.. I used to have regular
problems with myspace and google video, but they appear to work now too (!!)

Ho hum!


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