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Martin Tournoij carpetsmoker at
Fri Jan 26 10:01:28 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 04:07:57AM -0200, Sergio Lenzi wrote:
> Hello.... alll
> Even FreeBSD, or even any BSD (ok, OSX is BSD...) is mention in
> the BBC survey, I notice that:

OSX is _NOT_ FreeBSD.
It has a different kernel (based on Mach 3) and only uses userland tools from
FreeBSD, most of which are probably modified by the OSX team.
It also adds a lot of stuff (GUI for example)

> 1) They claim that 90% of the persons use windows, but in the
>     publish list, is just the contrary... only 2 ones use windows,
>     and like it, and one of them just for games....

It's probably more than 90%, the last study I saw (~2 years ago) said
that 98% of the users used windows.

Remember, a lot of users are completely unaware that there is a such a
thing as an operating system.
The people who reacted to the BBC article are computer nerds,
and are not representative for the average computer user.

Also, there is a _BIG_ difference in the desktop OS market and the server
OS market

> 2) The person that likes windows vista, likes it because he
>     can make a good backup to save things when he lost them,
>     this shows a common thing that happens when you use windows... (you
> will lost something)...
>     so you need backups, winzips, winrars, avg, norton...  and zilions
> of useless things
>     that make your computer work better..  when in reality, all you need
> is a good gnome 2.16 or 
>     a kde 3.5.4...
This can happen on FreeBSD to, the most common reason for loss of
data is hard disk failure, which has nothing to do with windows.

> 3) 90% of the persons use the computer to write documents, access
> internet, and use email.
>     so the number or persons using Mac and Linux is rasing....
> 4)  To use the vista, probably you will need an upgrade... (a good
> graphics for directx10,
>     64bit cpu, and 2 gb of memory...)  here will cost 1000 dollars.. 
> 5) more than half of the persons were windows users and switched to OSX
> or Linux
Not a shocking fact, since DOS/Windows has has a monopoly on the
desktop OS market for more than 15 years...

> Here in my country (Brazil) I am selling notebooks with FreeBSD and
> gnome 2.16
> to high executives. and is doing well.. so it shows that the success of
> the computer
> is in the easy of use and not in the features it has....  The more
> important the person
> in the company, the easy to use and less features must have the
> computer..... so
> for me, gnome is the best choice.....
> Sergio

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