The BBC survey....

Sergio Lenzi enigma at
Fri Jan 26 06:08:01 UTC 2007

Hello.... alll

Even FreeBSD, or even any BSD (ok, OSX is BSD...) is mention in
the BBC survey, I notice that:
1) They claim that 90% of the persons use windows, but in the
    publish list, is just the contrary... only 2 ones use windows,
    and like it, and one of them just for games....
2) The person that likes windows vista, likes it because he
    can make a good backup to save things when he lost them,
    this shows a common thing that happens when you use windows... (you
will lost something)...
    so you need backups, winzips, winrars, avg, norton...  and zilions
of useless things
    that make your computer work better..  when in reality, all you need
is a good gnome 2.16 or 
    a kde 3.5.4...
3) 90% of the persons use the computer to write documents, access
internet, and use email.
    so the number or persons using Mac and Linux is rasing....
4)  To use the vista, probably you will need an upgrade... (a good
graphics for directx10,
    64bit cpu, and 2 gb of memory...)  here will cost 1000 dollars.. 
5) more than half of the persons were windows users and switched to OSX
or Linux

Here in my country (Brazil) I am selling notebooks with FreeBSD and
gnome 2.16
to high executives. and is doing well.. so it shows that the success of
the computer
is in the easy of use and not in the features it has....  The more
important the person
in the company, the easy to use and less features must have the
computer..... so
for me, gnome is the best choice.....


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