The BBC survey....

Peter A. Giessel pgiessel at
Fri Jan 26 16:51:02 UTC 2007

On 2007/01/26 0:42, Martin Tournoij seems to have typed:
> It's probably more than 90%, the last study I saw (~2 years ago) said
> that 98% of the users used windows.

That survey is clearly wrong.  With Apple pulling 4-5% of the (new)
market, and the average time between replacements being higher with
MacOS over Windows, the absolute largest percentage that use Windows
would be 96%.  Any number higher than that is clearly wrong.  That
assumes everybody who doesn't buy a Mac runs Windows.  So that would
be 0.0% market share for every variant of Linux and every variant of
BSD.  Assume a higher than 0.0% market share for the open source OS's
and the maximum value for windows further declines.  My gut feeling is
that the 90% number is about right, but I would believe anything from
85%-94%.  Any higher than 94% can't be right.  There are obviously more
than zero BSD and Linux users.  :)

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