java plugin for firefox

eoghan eoghanj at
Wed Jan 10 22:51:10 UTC 2007

On 10 Jan 2007, at 22:26, Vince Hoffman wrote:

> eoghan wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does anyone have a guide or advice for getting java plugin working  
>> for firefox? Im running 6.1 on amd.
>> I have installed:
>> diablo-jdk-5.0
>> diablo-jre1.5.0
>> linux-blackdown-jre1.1.8
>> linux-sun-jdk1.4.2
>> when i try to access a java app from firefox im always presented  
>> with the plugin missing page...
>> I had it working on i386 before with just the installation of  
>> java... Im not sure what i have to do next...
> sounds like you may not have the correct files/links in your plugin  
> directory.
> whats the output of
> ls -l /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins
> and
> ls -l /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins/
> if /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins doesnt have a symlink like
> -> /usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/jre/plugin/i386/ 
> ns7/
> then try
> cd /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins && ln -s /usr/local/diablo- 
> jdk1.5.0/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/
> and restart firefox and look at
> about:plugins

I have tried this (neither output shows the java plugin).
When i go to the actual folder it has jre and in  
there but with a red x beside them (Im using gnome)...
I also cannot browse to the folder... i dont see a plugin folder  
under jdk1.5.0
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

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