Fail to start KDE and Gnome

Stephen Liu satimis at
Tue Feb 27 05:26:42 UTC 2007

Hi folks,


This is a test, I insalled aprox >80% of the packages on Disc 2
After installation completed PC rebooted to runlevel 3.  Login as user
and run;

$ startkde
Kpersonalizer : Cannot connect to Xserer
- repeated-

$ gnome-session
(gnome-session 1968) gtk-Warning  ** cannot open displayed

$ startx
3 xterm windows started.  On xterm I can start KDE with a lot of
warning displayed on xterm windonw.  But I can't start Gnome on xterm.

I can start "firefox" on xterm.  Now I'm posting on "firefox" browser.

Please advise where I have to check fixing the problems.  TIA

Stephen Liu

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