Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

chris at chrismaness.com chris at chrismaness.com
Mon Feb 26 15:16:59 UTC 2007

>> > How do I use the Cram-MD5 passwords with Outlook?
>> > Or do I have to go plain text?
>> Off-topic for FreeBSD-Questions but I don't believe
>> Outlook supports CRAM-MD5 out of the box.
> *Not* off-topic, the context being how best to configure Outlook
> for use with FreeBSD IMAP.  One hopes something more secure than
> plain-text passwords can be made to work.
> My answer is "Don't use Outlook.  For anything.  Period."
> but the OP may be stuck with it for some reason.

Thank You, if I was talking about Anna Nichole Smith or something, that
would be *OFF* topic. ;o).

I am stuck with outlook if I want to synch my PDA phone to my e-mail.  It
seems to work ok with gmail pop3.  Maybe I can just have sendmail foreward
a copy of all my mail to gmail.

Thanks Guys,

Chris Maness

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