[OT] Re: Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 28 14:41:32 UTC 2007

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> providing data recovery services etc...
>>> people are allowed to be stupid. it's natural. no need to worry
>> Sometimes managing calendars and corporate schedules can be a pain in 
>> the ass. I don't see how groups like Intel could do it any other way..
> fortunately it's not my pain :) and i'm not interested in groups like 
> Intel which naturally support windows and microsoft every place.

Can't comment about this too much further than I have, but that 
statement (believing that Intel uses strictly Windows products) is not 
100% correct--they use a lot of open source software and OSes, and 
they're at more critical points in their IT infrastruture. Windows is 
there just to help out with some of the more critical planning areas 
because it's easier than other solutions at solving planning / 
logisitics related problems and ties in nicely with what they have in place.

I'm not saying that I love Outlook, but I wouldn't want to do my work 
there without it..


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