How Do I Surf To My Server?

Chris racerx at
Mon Feb 19 13:09:20 UTC 2007

Drew Jenkins wrote:
> Hi;
> I have a production server that I've crashed a few times by working on it directly and making mistakes. As a result, I've finally built a mock server on my home PC on a separate hard drive with nothing but FBSD. I also have a laptop. All are connected by DHCP to a satellite dish. My question is, how can I surf my laptop to pull up Web pages generated from the home-based FBSD machine? What kind of networking is necessary? How do I call it up? Can this be handled through DHCP, or do I need to use BIND? Or something else? What good resources are out there for studying this? The FBSD manual wasn't much help, unfortunately. 
> Conversely, I could surf to the FBSD machine from the FBSD machine. But I built this mock server like my mouse, no X, no browser. Would I have to rebuild it to incorporate those? Or just build stuff from ports? Finally, which solution is easiest...surfing from the laptop or from the FBSD machine?
> TIA,
> Drew

First off - if you intend on doing this from the outside world - you
really need to understand the whole networking thing. THAT, is beyond
the scope of this list.

If however, you browse from within your own home network, all you need
is the IP address of the server (assuming that server has apache or some
other httpd) and your done.

Servers should NEVER be ip'ed dynamically. Servers should ALWAYS be
static unless of course, you are running some form of DNS internally.

Again, if your intent is to access from outside your network - then the
above is mute and you need to educate yourself with the whole networking

That in itself, will NEVER be covered on the FBSD site. The FBSD site
assumes that you have a clue to the networking basics.

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