How Do I Surf To My Server?

Drew Jenkins drewjenkinsjr at
Mon Feb 19 12:34:08 UTC 2007

I have a production server that I've crashed a few times by working on it directly and making mistakes. As a result, I've finally built a mock server on my home PC on a separate hard drive with nothing but FBSD. I also have a laptop. All are connected by DHCP to a satellite dish. My question is, how can I surf my laptop to pull up Web pages generated from the home-based FBSD machine? What kind of networking is necessary? How do I call it up? Can this be handled through DHCP, or do I need to use BIND? Or something else? What good resources are out there for studying this? The FBSD manual wasn't much help, unfortunately. 

Conversely, I could surf to the FBSD machine from the FBSD machine. But I built this mock server like my mouse, no X, no browser. Would I have to rebuild it to incorporate those? Or just build stuff from ports? Finally, which solution is easiest...surfing from the laptop or from the FBSD machine?

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