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Vince jhary at
Wed Feb 14 13:02:49 UTC 2007

White Hat wrote:
> FreeBSD-6.2
> I have a FBSD computer that I need to access via ssh from a WinXP machine running 'putty'. I am using ssh certificates for authorization. No problem there. I can do anything I want when I access the FBSD machine in this manner, except run something like KDE or XFCE4. I thought I made all of the required changes to the ssh_config and sshd_config as well as 'putty', but evidently not.
> Situation:
> I have 'startx' set to start 'xfce4' presently. If I type: 'startx' while logged in via ssh, xfce4 will start on the FBSD machine just fine. However, on the WinXP PC with 'putty', all I see are the start up messages on the screen. The actual GUI, etc. never appears. This makes using the program impossible from a remote location.
> I am sure I am doing something really stupid here. Perhaps someone could point me i the right direction.
> Thanks! 
Windows != Xwindows and you need xwindows to display xwindows programs.
what you will need to do is either setup VNC server on your Freebsd
machine and access it via VNC to get a desktop (realvnc, tridia and
tight vnc are in ports,) or install X windows on your windows machine
(and make sure X forwarding is enabled in ssh.) I'd probably VNC as its
easier and faster except on high bandwidth links, but if you really want
Xwindow on your windows machine or are a good place to start.


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