Portsnap and port versions

Apatewna apatewna at yahoo.gr
Sat Feb 10 20:52:37 UTC 2007

O/H Robert Inder έγραψε:

> when it had finished, I cd'd to the directory for "portupgrade", and
> typed "make" and "make install".  Everything seemed to go smoothly, and
> portupgrade-,2 was duly installed.

During installation of portupgrade there is a choice between "new 2.x 
version of cdb backend"
and "old 1.85 cdb". The "new" is checked by default.

Could it be that you chose the "new backend" instead of the "old"? I 
always choose the old format ONLY.
I run into some similar problems that I haven't found the time to 
resolve yet.

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