Big problems with PF on freeBSD 6.2

Tim T Bos flyweight at
Sat Feb 10 12:10:11 UTC 2007

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with PF.  Normally when I load pf.ko it uses deny all
as default.
But if i compile it in the kernel or load it as a module both it won't work.
If a have only one rule "block all" or "block all on ext_if" I can still
go on the internet and if I portscan my computer i get most ports closed
and some by my isp filtered ports (137 139 and some onher MS ports).

I tried a clean install of freebsd 6.2 with the latest  stable source
ass well.

I have this problem since i chanced from ISP.

Can you please help me out because i love to use my BSD box again...

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