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Mon Feb 5 16:07:22 UTC 2007

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> Dear sir;
>   I have a Unix BSD server, and i want to adjust the time of the server
> so i have used the following command:
>   $ sudo date 0702050402
>   and the output is:
>   Mon Feb 5 04:02:00 EET 2007
>   and when typing date command again, i have got the following output:
>   Mon Feb 5 09:38::51 EET 2007
>   so would you please, tell me how can i fix the time (note: i am using
> the root)
>   Thank you for your attention.

You are doing it correctly.  Is it possible that you have something running
that is changing the time?  (ntp, perhaps).

What happened between the time you set the time and when it reset itself?

Also, check your system's securelevel setting, which will prevent manual
time changes (or limit them to 1s).  See the man page for date and

Bill Moran
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