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On Monday 05 February 2007 08:11, Alaa Alomari <alaa_alomari at> sent a 
missive stating: 
> Dear sir;
>   I have a Unix BSD server, and i want to adjust the time of the server so
> i have used the following command: $ sudo date 0702050402
>   and the output is:
>   Mon Feb 5 04:02:00 EET 2007
>   and when typing date command again, i have got the following output:
>   Mon Feb 5 09:38::51 EET 2007
>   so would you please, tell me how can i fix the time (note: i am using the
> root) Thank you for your attention.

Is it really off by 30 some minutes as well? or did you just run date 30 
minutes later?

As the other poster mentioned you either have a faulty time server in your 
network and the NTP daemon is picking it or your hardware clock is really 
messed up in which case you may wish to install NTP and have it auto-set your 
clock for you.


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