question about BSD time

Alaa Alomari alaa_alomari at
Mon Feb 5 14:38:26 UTC 2007

Dear sir;
  I have a Unix BSD server, and i want to adjust the time of the server so i have used the following command:
  $ sudo date 0702050402
  and the output is:
  Mon Feb 5 04:02:00 EET 2007
  and when typing date command again, i have got the following output:
  Mon Feb 5 09:38::51 EET 2007
  so would you please, tell me how can i fix the time (note: i am using the root)
  Thank you for your attention.


Alaa M. Al-Omari 
Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) 
alaa_alomari at 
Tel/Fax: +962 2 7040031
  Mobile: +962 77 7966918

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