NVidia troubls with AMD64..

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 14:35:52 UTC 2007

OK, my main question is this:
I originally had an x86-64 config set up, and I ran Xorg -configure,
which generated an nv driver based xorg.conf file. It placed the card
at PCI 1:0:0 if I remember correctly. When I tried to start X it
complained that it couldn't find my card at PCI 1:0:0. I went back to
i386, and got to this point, and there was no problem. The driver
configs appeared identical, including the PCI 1:0:0.

ASUS A8N-E motherboard, BIOS 1.13
Athlon64 3000+
512MB memory
GeForce 7300GT video card (BFG).

Any idea why I would see that problem? I would like to stick to
x86-64, but for some reason it doesn't want to find my video card.

Also, anyone know the state of the kernel in relation to nVidia's
requested updates (mentioned June 06 in -hackers)? I could ask
FBSD-hackers, but it's not really an important questions, and I don't
want to take their time away from keeping this great OS great. (Don't
bother searching if you don't know, just asking if anyone reading this
knows off the top of their heads):

-Jim Stapleton

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