copying DVD material :: somewhat OT.

neal kneel.pardoe at
Sun Dec 9 18:50:43 PST 2007

On Monday 10 December 2007, RW wrote:
> Probably Kubuntu was using Kmplayer with the Xine
> backend. Xine has DVD menu support and AFAIK MPlayer
> doesn't on any platform. I would normally use Xine for
> DVDs and most video files as its picture quality is
> better. That said, if you want to play DVDs through
> mplayer you can navigate via the gmplayer context menu -
> you don't need to play the vob files directly.

No, I was using Kaffeine which also uses the xine backend 
(and its better picture quality).

I see my original post ended up looking like just a moan 
when that wasn't my intention. (best laid plans...)

I chose Kubuntu because it has an easy set up for VMware and 
a couple of similar products which I hope to get installed 
and set up to run BSD. Like I said I really like many 
things about FreeBSD, like it is just so much better 
organised than the Linux I've previously used. I just 
wanted to get 'my'  basic requirements established first 
which has usually been trivial to achieve, but 
unfortunately got no further.


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