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Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sat Dec 8 19:42:16 PST 2007

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007 07:33 am, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Folks,
> 	IFF k3b works, and I think it might, I'll put up a howto
> 	on  my bsd virtual site.   Make this domain more useful.
> 	The help from this group has been outstanding, but getting things
> 	CD and DVD actually working has been a study in persseverancce.
I don't use k3b so what capability it has is not known to me.

> 	That said,  first,if there is a website for total dweebs, please
> 	post it; or send it privately.  I just bought some "Memorex 
> 	DVD+RW" ; I want to record a 117 minute commercial DVD.
> 	On the back on the DVDs is says these are only good for 60 minutes
> 	in great qualty; it is good up to 120 minutes, and so on.

The nominal capacity of the single sided DVD is 120 minutes but some 32 
different definitions are recognised including:
EP -- extended play - 360 minutes
LP -- long play - 240 minutes
SP -- standard play - 120 minutes
FINE - 60 minutes
But how are you getting your source? What definition is it in?

> 	Nutshell: how good will k3b and my Pioneer burner do on dubbing
> 	this professioally recorded disc?  

As I've already said I know little of k3b but you'll probably need some sort
of authoring/editing software and possibly another package for compression/definition 

> 	Also, Does thw "RW" mean tthat  
> 	I can re-tape over this with another edu DVD?

Yes, it means that the total disk can be rewritten -- but the ability to
edit without rewriting all can be quite limited. And RW disks can have a 
rather limited rewrite life -- some 10s of times.
> 	gary
> 	PS:  I much prefer analogue cassettes; I've been taping stuff
> 	     since I taped "American Bandstand" off the TV :-)

EP or LP modes with 6 or 4 hour capacity would probably both cater for a 
better quality than your analogue cassettes.



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