lost password caused by drunk admin

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Tue Apr 17 14:58:47 UTC 2007

On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 09:59:40PM -0400, Lewis Joshua wrote:

> Hello FreeBSD List,
> Ok I made a huge mistake (insert laugh here because I know you will).  
> I was working late at home and had more then a few drinks... A lot  
> more. I was working with a PAP2-NA (Analog to VoIP adapter (ATA)) and  
> I changed the password. The password that was programed into the unit  
> from my service provider was a randomly generated password and I was  
> messing with a lot of the settings and needed to keep logging in. So  
> I changed it to make my life easier.
> So any way I changed the password and now it appears I didn't change  
> the password to what I had thought I had. The password was a short 4  
> digit number. Like I said I just wanted to make my life easier while  
> I was messing around with it. Now I am locked out of the unit and  
> TOTALY SOL. My phones don't work at the house because the think has  
> been set incorrectly.
> I don't know how to crack passwords or even where to start. Is there  
> some kind of script or application I can run on my FreeBSD system to  
> try every combination of numbers from 0 - 9999.

It should be easy to create a script that runs from 0 to 9999 or
whatever and tries every one out.   A simple for loop in any scripting
language would do that.   The only thing is to know how to send the
password to whatever it is that needs it and to read the response
to know if it worked.    If the system locks out after a certain
numbers of errors, then you will also have to add some waits to
get it past those delays.    I have no idea how to send to the
device you are speaking of or to read its response, but probably
something to STDOUT and from STDIN would do it or you may have to
open a pipe.

> It is possible I may have fat fingered the number so it could be 6 or  
> 7 digits instead of the 4 I intended. I don't know. I tried every  
> variation I can think of and even got drunk again hoping to recreate  
> the stupid mistake.

If it is more tha 4 digits, set the for loop to go another one or two.
Running it could take a while if there are lockout waits - in the
order of weeks.


> I have totally messed that one up. I would have had to type it twice  
> which just goes to show you should not work on your junk while drunk.
> Can anyone help me out? The unit has no reset buttons to reset it to  
> defaults there is nothing online that I can find to bypass the unit.  
> I did a port scan and it appears to only be listening on port 80. Any  
> thoughts out there? Please.
> Thanks and I hope I made someone laugh with my mistake because I know  
> all my friends are.
> Thanks.
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