lost password caused by drunk admin

Ghirai ghirai at ghirai.com
Tue Apr 17 06:57:17 UTC 2007

Hello Lewis,

Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 4:59:40 AM, you wrote:

> Hello FreeBSD List,

> Ok I made a huge mistake (insert laugh here because I know you will).
> I was working late at home and had more then a few drinks... A lot  
> more. I was working with a PAP2-NA (Analog to VoIP adapter (ATA)) and
> I changed the password. The password that was programed into the unit
> from my service provider was a randomly generated password and I was  
> messing with a lot of the settings and needed to keep logging in. So  
> I changed it to make my life easier.

> So any way I changed the password and now it appears I didn't change  
> the password to what I had thought I had. The password was a short 4  
> digit number. Like I said I just wanted to make my life easier while  
> I was messing around with it. Now I am locked out of the unit and  
> TOTALY SOL. My phones don't work at the house because the think has  
> been set incorrectly.

> I don't know how to crack passwords or even where to start. Is there  
> some kind of script or application I can run on my FreeBSD system to  
> try every combination of numbers from 0 - 9999.

> It is possible I may have fat fingered the number so it could be 6 or
> 7 digits instead of the 4 I intended. I don't know. I tried every  
> variation I can think of and even got drunk again hoping to recreate  
> the stupid mistake.

> I have totally messed that one up. I would have had to type it twice  
> which just goes to show you should not work on your junk while drunk.

> Can anyone help me out? The unit has no reset buttons to reset it to  
> defaults there is nothing online that I can find to bypass the unit.  
> I did a port scan and it appears to only be listening on port 80. Any
> thoughts out there? Please.

> Thanks and I hope I made someone laugh with my mistake because I know
> all my friends are.

> Thanks.

How/over what protocol do you get to wherever it asks for the password?

Best regards,

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