nspluginwrapper + native firefox 2 + flash9?

John Reynolds johnjen at reynoldsnet.org
Fri Apr 13 06:14:31 UTC 2007

[ On Friday, April 13, Ghirai wrote: ]
> Hello John,
> I'm using konqueror with flash, and i followed this howto
> (http://freebsd.kde.org/howtos/konqueror-flash.php).
> I know you were looking for a way to get FF to work,
> but i gave up, and konqueror is working fine for me.

Well, I've got a hint for people who might be struggling with this like me. I
had not gracefully and properly kept up with the packages on my system. There
was an old libgtk-x11 in /compat/linux/usr/lib. This was causing
nspluginwrapper to fail because a symbol wasn't found. I blew away all of the
linux compat layer (directory too) and re-installed linux_base-fc4 + the
required linux-* lib ports. I could get to the point where I could use
nspluginwrapper to have it so that native Firefox would "see" the linux plugin
but I got nothing working really well. As a lot of people have said,
linux-flashplugin9 is just so buggy and unstable it's not funny. So, I went
back to flash7. This loaded under the native firefox, but was slow and I
couldn't get sound to work (despite having linux-alsa-libs installed as well as
linux-arts and linux-esound if that matters). It also caused some firefox core

So, ultimately I just said "screw it" and abandoned hope of using native a
firefox binary and went back to using linux-firefox. Again, even under
linux-firefox, the flash9 plugin was just a piece of crap making things
segfault left and right. flash7 works nicely as it did before -AND- there is
sound (important for those onsie twosie youtube clips people send me pointers
to :). I've been able to install the linux jdk and its Java plugin as well as
acroread7's plugin and all are acting properly under linux-firefox.

So, having larger fish to fry, I'm just going to give up at this point :(


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