The OX laptop...

Sergio Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Sun Apr 15 19:12:56 UTC 2007

Here in my country is happening 
the FISL

they finally show the $100 dollar laptop for children..
the machine have 512mb of memory,  more 512mb of flash rom,
resolution of about 1000x900 keyboard and mouse .....
they have been in testing for some months now... the children
sure approve ...  Red Hat has yet the operating system, and
expect a small footprint of "gnome" to run on the unit.

The govern is expect to buy and distribute the machine 
by the "milions"  (about 3milion units/year)... only in Brazil

May be I will have 2 in my hands next week..

With a market of about 8 milion units (in -3 years) of a machine
that does not runs windows.. I think it will run BSD (netbsd/freebsd)
have wireless sound and camera, small footprint, lightweight....

It is the dawn of an era of market where only open source software...

Any educational program or "thing" that fits on that computer will
be bought by the govern in milion units... and of course will cost
much less than the "commercial"  solution we have today...

Comments pleaase????

take a look ->

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