mail server blues

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at
Mon Apr 9 21:16:32 UTC 2007

On 4/6/07, Jay Gordon <jgordon at> wrote:
> go with qmail... it "rocks"
> it's a damn good mta.

My advice: stay away from qmail.  Anything that requires a big pile of
patches just to make it usable doesn't belong on your computer.  And I
probably get more backscatter spam from those cursed qmail systems
than from everything else combined -- if it were up to me, qmail would
be illegal.

If you want something like qmail, but done right, try Courier. If you
want extreme configurability, try Exim.  But I don't think that's
really the answer to the original post -- I think there's something
more fundamental going on there.

- Bob

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