mail server blues

doug doug at
Mon Apr 9 18:46:27 UTC 2007

On Fri, 6 Apr 2007, Brian Hartley wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been going nuts trying to get a remote POP/SMTP mail server to work
> on 6.2-RELEASE.  My mx and cnames are hosted at dyndns. I have tried exim,
> postfix and sendmail along with courier imap as the pop.  Is there any good
> docs that can get me going?
> I appreciate any help
> Thank You!
> Brian
I have been reading this thread and have decided I am confused [certainly would 
not be first time].  :)  Sendmail is the "official" FreeBSD MTA and postfix 
written by Wietse Venema while on a sabbatical from IBM is designed to be a 
"drop-in" replacement. Either of those should work "out of the box".

If you want a mail server as a single user, there is little to do other than set 
the correct options in /etc/rc/conf. I use sendmail, which I find has been 
improved to the point that when I can finally (probably) add to the rule sets, I 
see no reason to do so.

Perhaps if you say what you have tried and how that failed, you can get some 
specific advice on things to do. There are numberous FreeBSD howto's for 
sendmail, so with respect to all the other MTA's its not a bad place to start 
assuming you are new to Unix and/or administering a server.

BTW as a final though if you are connecting via DSL or cable, it could be that 
some (all?) of your problems are from restrictions/rules imposed by your

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