problems after rebuild of 5.5 stable

albi albinootje albinootje at
Sun Oct 22 11:46:36 UTC 2006

On 10/22/06, Matthew Pope <mpope at> wrote:

> I have a bit of grey hair, but I've been blessed with working with
> FreeBSD gurus so much that I am struggling to run my own domain and
> webserver.
-- cut --
> My rc.conf includes:
> routed_enable="YES"
> router="/sbin/routed"
> defaultrouter=""
> I later read in the mailing list that someone had a simliar problem and
> solved it by re-running the mergemaster step.  I tried that too, and
> this time I selected <default> answer to all the prompts about
> conflicts.  I rebooted, but I still cannot even ping my gateway, as I'm
> getting "no route to host".

can you describe the setup, like is the domain/webserver in the LAN or
connected to a separate NIC ?

do you really need to use routed ?

are you using firewall-software on that machine or any ping-related
settings in rc.conf ?

what's the output of netstat -r ?

what about the ping-ability of your gateway before ? was it pingable ?
or does it have
ping-replies "disabled" ?

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