problems after rebuild of 5.5 stable

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sun Oct 22 15:13:06 UTC 2006

Matthew Pope <mpope at> writes:

> for temp file for many of the prompts.  Now my 5.5 kernel boots, but
> there are a number of messages of the form:
> source_rc_confs: not found
> $ipnat_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)
> $ipfs_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)
> etc....


> I later read in the mailing list that someone had a simliar problem
> and solved it by re-running the mergemaster step.  I tried that too,
> and this time I selected <default> answer to all the prompts about
> conflicts.

The default operation in mergemaster is to do nothing, so if you're
going to choose the default the whole way, you might as well skip
running mergemaster at all.  Go back through mergemaster, and actually
pay attention to the changes.  On files you haven't modified, you will
be able to (i)nstall the new versions of those files, but otherwise
you will need to (m)erge them.

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