Non English Spam

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> I have noted however, that some subscribers to this list write english
> encoded in one of the above character sets, I don't know enough about
> the character set definition, but it seems that English characters are a
> subset of any character set?
> What is the recommended policy here? Should subscribers be advised to
> change character set when posting to the list?

No.  It's the responsibility of the person doing the filtering - in this
case you -
to exempt any known good e-mail sender from your filters.

You know damn well that legitimate mailing list mail comes from ( [])

it's right in the headers of the messages on the list.  You have no right to
force other people to conform to what you feel is acceptable formatting
of their message as long as they meet the SMTP rfc standards.  That's
why we have RFC's.

If everyone did what your proposing then senders would have hundreds
of different rules they would have to follow, over and above the normal


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