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On Saturday 14 October 2006 16:58, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> > I have noted however, that some subscribers to this list write english
> > encoded in one of the above character sets, I don't know enough about
> > the character set definition, but it seems that English characters are a
> > subset of any character set?
> >
> > What is the recommended policy here? Should subscribers be advised to
> > change character set when posting to the list?
> No.  It's the responsibility of the person doing the filtering - in this
> case you -
> to exempt any known good e-mail sender from your filters.
> You know damn well that legitimate mailing list mail comes from
> ( [])
> it's right in the headers of the messages on the list.  You have no right
> to force other people to conform to what you feel is acceptable formatting
> of their message as long as they meet the SMTP rfc standards.  That's why
> we have RFC's.
> If everyone did what your proposing then senders would have hundreds
> of different rules they would have to follow, over and above the normal
> RFCs.

Ted, thank you for the bit of sanity. 

As for me, Dr. Seaman's suggestions (earlier in this thread) have  brought 
things back to tolerable levels. I have had many responses and most probably 
work. But, I need a solution I can install on client machines (and my own) 
that doesn't require exotic scripts.

I thoroughly parsed my maillog and so far nothing important has landed
in /dev/null. 

Once again, thanks to everyone who responded.



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